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Tuesday, 12 May 2015

As everything shifts further and further online, shopping has become incredibly easy and, frankly, addictive. It just doesn’t feel like you’re spending money when you’re not walking in and out of change rooms and browsing all the aisles in person. I have worked up a few strategies for making sure I don’t blow the entirety of my pay cheque on ASOS.

Pace yourself. It is so easy to buy a cartload full of things without even really thinking about it. What I do is create a bit of a wishlist by putting everything that looks good in my cart but waiting a day or two before I checkout. You’d be surprised how a few days can change that urge you originally felt to buy that skirt immediately. A bit more time to think will more often than not save you from impulse and unnecessary purchases.

Shop during sales. If you can keep yourself in check for long enough, waiting for a good sale will save you enough money to make the wait worth it. If you’ve got your cart stocked with your wishlist then there’s even less thinking involved when sale day rolls around.

Take advantage of coupons. If you can’t wait for a sale there are some great sites for finding online deals. Cuponation offers deals on heaps of popular sites like The Iconic and ASOS. You can take advantage of different discounts and offers from this site, for example, LivingSocial couponIs there seriously anything better than saving a bit of money you would have otherwise spent?

Shop around. If you’re looking for a particular product, there may be a few sites offering it at varying prices. If you take the time to shop around, you can score yourself a great deal.

Split the shipping cost between friends. Living in Australia, I know how hard of a hit shipping charges can be if packages are coming from Europe or the US. This can encourage you to overload your basket to qualify for free shipping or just generally spend a lot on shipping! If you’ve got a friend or two who are also interested in purchasing something from the same site, order together and split that shipping cost! It takes a bit of organising but everybody wins!

What are some of your online shopping tips?

xx Julia

Please be advised, this post contains sponsored content but, as always, my opinions are entirely my own.

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