Simplifying and De-stressing

Thursday, 30 April 2015

As someone who always seems to have too much on her plate, I made it my mission this year to simplify my lifestyle in an attempt to diminish unnecessary stresses. This includes a lot of different tweakings of my daily routines and habits with the mindset of simplification and structure. While this is an undertaking to last a lifetime, I have some easy places to start if you're also looking for some ways to simplify and de-stress.

Declutter your work space. People always talk about the link between a clear space and a clear mind. A clear work space is more inviting, more efficient, and more conducive to productivity. It makes a lot of sense that you're just more likely to start working and to work better if you have a clean, non-stressful place to do it in. One of the ways I make sure to always have a decluttered work place is to make sure my desk is exclusively a desk, not a dumping ground for clothes, keys, magazines, etc. and also making a point to clear away whatever task I was doing there when I'm finished. Eventually, the repetition of these actions becomes a productive habit.

Prepare your morning the night before. I have spent far too many mornings scrambling about trying to gather everything I need for the day and unfailingly forgetting at least one by the time I'm on the train. The easiest way to de-stress these mornings is to prepare as much of my morning the day before. This could include preparing my lunch, packing my bag, laying out my chosen outfit for the next day. Knowing that all of these things are done before I go to sleep means I sleep more restfully and am able to have a calmer, slower morning the next day.

Don't trust your memory. There are few things worse than forgetting things. Unfortunately, when you're stressed out, you're more likely to forget something and become even more stressed. I eliminate this problem completely by writing everything down, putting it on my phone, in my computer, whatever I need to do, to make sure that I don't forget anything. As much as we all wish to be perfect and reliable all the time, it's not feasible.

Focus your time. With so many different tasks and ideas rushing through your head, it can be really difficult to focus on a single task until completion but this tends to be a great way to get things done. Instead of jumping between tasks, focusing on one means you can dedicate all of your mind to it and complete it to the best of your ability. For more tips for focusing, read my post on Maximising Your Time.

Don't keep unnecessary duplicates. While decluttering things like clothes, books, makeup, or other objects you've accumulated can seem like a very daunting task, an easy first step is to eliminate unnecessary duplicates. It doesn't require much energy to decide whether owning two can openers is necessary or whether you need six black t-shirts. Donating, giving to friends or family, or throwing away undeniably unnecessary things in your life can be a first step to simplifying and decluttering your life to feel lighter, less tied down to the stuff around you.

In what ways do you simplify and de-stress your life?

xx Julia

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