Finding Time for What You Love

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

When you're constantly working to finish those tasks for work, uni, or your other responsibilities, it can be really difficult to find time for those projects you always wanted to do. In my ever present struggle to maximise my time, I've come up with some tips to help you find time to do what you love.
Schedule your free time. It's a bit counter-intuitive to consider scheduling in your free time when you're so used to scheduling in your work time, but setting aside an hour or however much time you need each day ensures that it's not going to get prioritised over or pushed to the side for something 'more important'. Giving yourself a break from working actually makes you more productive by allowing you time to dedicate your mind more thoroughly to your task.

Maximise the productivity of your relaxing time. I know how easy it is to just spend that hour or two before bed scrolling through youtube or bloglovin, but using that time to read that book or make that collage or finish that puzzle you always meant to will make you feel like you've taken full advantage of your time. Make sure you still choose relaxing and calming tasks or it completely defeats the purpose!

Make a list. I am a big, big believer in lists, probably because I'm always forgetting things! But I find all the time when it comes to my free time, I completely forget all the things I remembered late last night that I wanted to do or have been meaning to remember for the past week. If I write it all down as soon as I think of it, it means I have a few inspiring ideas for when my relaxing time comes around.

Adjust your priorities. Often it can feel like work or uni tasks are the most important things in your life that you have to prioritise over everything else. But this is a recipe for a burn-out and can only end in you feeling over-drawn and like you have no time. Breaks and free-time are important parts of your everyday life and should be prioritised like everything else.

How do you find time for those niggling, forgotten tasks?

xx Julia