Everyday Bronze Shadows

Thursday, 2 April 2015

I love a good bronzy shadow to just sweep across the lid, a bit of a crease contour if I have time, and that's that. It's bright and a bit sparkly but still neutral enough to wear everyday to work and uni. It's a colour family that suits just about everybody and I'm truly loving it at the moment.

My main shade of choice at the moment is MAC Pigment in Tan. It's a bronzy-coppery-gold shade that looks almost wet on the lid. It's simply stunning and, while I only have the sample at the moment, definitely worth a purchase. MAC Pigments will probably last you the rest of your life so I recommend going in with a friend and sharing the product and cost.

Another shade that looks beautiful all by itself or as part of a bigger look is the NARS Dual Intensity Shadow in Himalia. This is a wet or dry formula so you can decide how intense you want the metallic finish to be on your eye. I find it's perfectly sparkly and brightening dry but for some added drama, just wet your brush. It's easily my favourite shade from the range and something worth swatching next time you're in Mecca.

For the palette lovers out there, one of my long standing bronzy-favourites is Light Bronze from the Lorac Pro Palette. This shade leans a bit more sheer-gold than the other two but it is such an easy shade to wear everyday on its own or with any of the other shadows in the palette. It's very smooth and easy to blend making it a pleasure to use every time.

Do you have any bronze shadow recommendations?

xx Julia

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