Tips for Decluttering Your Beauty Collection

Sunday, 29 March 2015

As beauty lovers, we're all prone to just collecting far more makeup and beauty products than we need. It's fun while it lasts but sometimes your collection can become overwhelming when you're not getting the use out of it that you would like. If you're looking to downsize or purge your collection, here are some of tips for decluttering.

Get rid of everything that has already expired. Printed on every makeup product is a little number to indicate how long the product inside is good to use on your skin. Generally speaking, you should get rid of cream or liquids after a year and powder products after two.

Take an inventory of what you have. I did this the other week and it's a fantastic, no-nonsense way of getting an overview of where you're at with your collection. Divide products into categories and then into colours and begin to ask yourself whether you need three eyeshadows that all look exactly the same. Be sure to take swatches, too, so you're getting all the information. Take into consideration age, formula, and use to help you decide.

Give what you don't need to friends or family. I always find it so much easier to part with things when I know they're going to a good home instead of the lonely trash bin. If the colour doesn't suit you, you have too many similar products, or you just don't use it anymore, pass it on to someone who will actually use it.

Use up what's nearly done. A lot of us are guilty of saving the last few drops of a product for a special occasion or a particularly bad skin day but there's really no need to dedicate so much of your space to something that's basically empty. Especially consider that powder products with pan showing are far more likely to break during use, wasting the product anyway. Use it up, blog about it, and move it out.

Use your inventory to guide your future purchases. I find it incredibly helpful when I'm standing at the makeup counter swatching shades to know that I have exactly three pink lipsticks or four taupe eyeshadows. It helps me make sure I don't buy more and more repeats, and allows me to browse more actively, trying to fill gaps or branch out from my usual makeup go-tos. This will ensure you're collection doesn't get out of control again and makes you a more engaged consumer.

Always remember: it is just makeup. There is no reason to stress yourself out or get upset about makeup. This should be something fun and enjoyable for you as a hobby so if starts veering into negative territory, step back and re-evaluate what's gone wrong here.

What are your tips for decluttering?

xx Julia

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