Tips for Body Acne

Sunday, 8 March 2015

It's not a pleasant topic and one we tend to avoid but it happens to a lot of us and there's no reason we shouldn't share our tips with each other. If you get acne on your body whether on your shoulders, back, or chest, it can be embarrassing and difficult to combat. Here are my tips for treating and reducing body acne wherever you get it.

1. Clip your hair up in the shower
If you have long hair, it tends to hang and stick all over your back and shoulders in the shower. This allows all of the natural oils from your hair and ingredients from your shampoo or conditioner to run all over your skin and possibly clog up your pores. If you clip your hair up, this completely defeats the problem and keeps your back and shoulders clean.

2. Shower after you workout
This seems pretty obvious but sometimes you've just finished working out and you're tired or in a rush and you put off showering until the next day or whenever. Allowing sweat to sit or build up on your skin is a very easy way to clog your pores and irritate your skin into blemishes. Even if you just take a quick dip to rinse your sweat away, you're skin will thank you.

3. Use your cleanser on your body
Sometimes body wash just isn't enough to really clean out the skin and prevent acne from occurring, so why not try using your face cleanser? These products are designed to prevent blemishes on the face and they can do exactly the same for the rest of your skin.

4. Use toner on your body
Following the same train of thought as cleanser, toner is used to reduce redness and balance the skin to prevent acne. You can use the toner on its own or in conjunction with your cleanser to really target the acne on your body and prevent it from returning.

Pretty soon you'll start seeing a real difference in your skin and eventually maybe the acne won't come back!

Do you have any tips for preventing body acne?

xx Julia

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