Review | Ole Henriksen the Clean Truth Brightening Cleansing Cloths

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Let's start off by saying: I don't like face wipes. I don't think they remove makeup very well, they're drying, and they're too expensive. But I had been listening to beauty bloggers rave about the Ole Henriksen the Clean Truth Brightening Cleansing Cloths for so long that I needed to try them for myself.

We cannot start this review without addressing the price of these face wipes. $22 for 30 wipes is extortionate under any circumstances and I think we can all recognise that whether we've tried the product or not.

Working from the outside in, the packaging is the best kind for face wipes. The solid clip closure ensures that no moisture is lost between uses and the wipes remain hygienic. Like any other face wipe packet, the first few wipes are usually drier than the ones near the bottom that have sat in the solution for longer. I recommend storing the packet upside-down to try and spread the moisture around. Upon opening the packet, you're immediately hit with the smell. Some say it's supposed to be like oranges, others are reminded of Skittles. To me it really smells like a thick orange cream-sickle scent that makes me ever so slightly nauseous. Scents are so incredibly subjective, though, so definitely give them a whiff yourself to judge.

As far as product use goes, I really struggled to get eye-makeup off with these wipes which made me distrust how much face-makeup I was really getting off with each swipe. After squeezing out as much moisture as I could, I still woke up each subsequent morning with panda eyes from my still-there mascara. They're marketed as products to "Cleanse, brighten and hydrate in 1 easy step" which I flat out refuse to believe. No cleansing products can truly replace a moisturiser or serum because they simply aren't designed to do the same things. While the wipe solution contains six oils (oile fruit, grape seed, jojoba seed, rosemary leaf, palm, black current seed), their potency is diluted by other ingredients such that a designated moisturiser is still necessary.

Claims of brightening affects from the vitamin C and CoQ10 didn't come true for me as I didn't notice any particular change during or after use of this product.

All in all, I don't rank these face wipes any higher than the ones you can pick up at Priceline so I definitely wouldn't recommend the splurge.

xx Julia

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