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Sunday, 22 March 2015

About two weeks ago I stumbled upon the Professional Project Panner subsection of the Youtube Beauty Community. I knew about Project Pans and had watched a few videos about it before but I'd never seen anything quite like the projects that these women set themselves. I'm now pretty much addicted to Project Pan and Pan that Palette videos. A key aspect to this community is the 'Weekly Makeup Basket'. After finding out a bit more about it, I decided to incorporate this idea into my own makeup usage.

The concept is pretty simple, very similar to 'Shop My Stash'. In order to get the most use out of your entire collection or to focus on a few products you want to use up, you set aside products to use over the course of a week, month, etc. This particularly appealed to me because about a month ago I set myself a 100 day no buy. Now, instead of reaching for the newest and most exciting products in my collection, I'm forced to use products I've forgotten about or haven't really fallen in love with. To add an aspect of progress to my ban, I also want to use as many products up over the 100 days as I can.

Some people choose to just set aside a few products but I'm picking out a full face. I leave all the products in a little basket on my desk/vanity so I'm not rifling through my entire collection every morning and forgetting what I told myself I would use. A pleasant surprise was the way this project has stream-lined my morning routine. Instead of having to build a face of makeup from scratch every morning, I already know what I'm wearing and it's just a matter of putting it on. It's like a school uniform, really.

I think my favourite part of the makeup basket so far is getting to really try out some products that I haven't necessarily paid enough attention to. I can really see how many shadow combinations I can make from a palette or how my products wear throughout the day when I'm wearing them back-to-back throughout a week. It also puts in better perspective what it takes to use up a product from start to finish. Sometimes I forget when I'm buying an exciting new eyeshadow palette that it'd probably take me years to use it up completely while also using my others. It's important to put into perspective my consumption of beauty products so I can remind myself not to be wasteful or frivolous.

The Weekly Makeup Basket has been a real change for me and I'm loving the way it's made me critically examine my consumption and my relationship with my makeup collection. I'm excited to keep the project going at least throughout my spending ban and to get re-acquainted with some neglected products. Also to use some up!

Have you tried a Weekly Makeup Basket? What was your experience?

xx Julia

PS If you've got any recommendations for bloggers or vloggers who love Project Pans, let me know!

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