Review | Marc Jacobs Gatsby Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquer

Thursday, 26 February 2015

I have been scouring beauty shelves everywhere looking for, as I call it, a 'neutral shimmer'. Something not too bold, like a taupe or brown, but with a bit of shimmer, a bit metallic to make it something different. When I saw Marc Jacobs Gatsby staring at me from the shelf, I thought I'd found it. After a few applications and some weeks of wear, here are my thoughts.

The colour is something difficult to describe. The best way I can summarise it is a bronzed-pewter with blue shimmer and a pink-purple duo-chrome and a metallic finish. It's unlike anything I've ever seen and that's what drew me to it.

I was very excited to find my 'neutral shimmer' but upon application the polish loses it's bronze base and leans far more silver. The pink-purple duo-chrome comes out more clearly in thin coats and overall it looks pretty different to me on the nails. While that makes this product a slight disappointment for me, it's definitely not a flop on this front.

The formula was something I really wasn't expecting. It's almost as though it's a dry formula which means the product doesn't spread on the nail, which is good, but it also doesn't apply very smoothly without a heap of polish on the brush. The stiff brush bristles seem to struggle to drag the polish across the nail as though you were using a slightly dried out product. While it's not unusable, it certainly took some getting used to.

Then there's the wear: unfortunately even beautiful colour and packaging can't prevent a fairly standard 3-5 day wear before chipping. This is with a top and base coat and not unreasonable daily activity. Because of the metallic finish, reapplication can be pretty noticeable unless it's just over the edges. While I'm not upset by this, I'd like to think a product of this price would last.

That's probably the part that irks me the most, Marc Jacobs Enamored Hi-Shine Lacquers are some of the most expensive nail polishes you can buy and while the colours are nice, the formula and wear don't wow me. In this case, it seems you're really just buying the brand name. If that's enough for you, then go for it!

Not my favourite but, hey, I'll reapply.

xx Julia

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