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Sunday, 11 January 2015

Most people nowadays imagine lip liner as a horrific throwback to 80s but I can assure you, this product has come leaps and bounds since those bygone days. Lip liner is a fantastic tool to add a bit of something extra to your other lip products. So, if you're looking for a way to introduce lip liner to the 21st century, here's my advice:


You can think of lip liner kind of like a lip primer. It adds an even base for the lipstick or gloss to stick to.This makes sure the products last longer and don't feather outside of your lip line. It's usually best to use a liner in a similar colour to the products you're putting on top so that when everything wears down, you're not left with a noticeable ring around your lips.

If you have smaller lips you can also use lipliner to overdraw the shape of them to make them appear fuller and bigger. Or if you don't want smaller, you can draw a different shape as long as you make sure to cover your actual lips with foundation so as not to spoil the illusion.


Lip liner almost exclusively comes in pencil form to make it easy to apply directly to the lips. Different brands and lines can vary in waxiness, creaminess, dryness but they should always be smooth to apply and long wearing to ensure they do their job correctly.


In order to avoid the dreaded lip liner line as your lip products wear and fade throughout the day, line the outline for a crisp edge and then fill the lip in completely before applying lipstick or gloss over the top. This will also help your other lip products last longer.

Whether retractable or a standard pencil, it's best to keep the tip nice and sharp to ensure a sharp and precise line. If you want to keep things hygienic between uses, just sharpen the end off and you've got brand new, untouched product ready to use.

xx Julia

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