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Sunday, 18 January 2015

I don't talk about it a lot on here but I'm a big reader and always have been. I adore the written word and I often wish I could talk to a few more people about it. Goodreads is an excellent site for me to record what I'm reading and see what others are interested in. Earlier this year, I came across the Goodreads tag and thought this would be a great opportunity to share this other part of my life here! The tag is 11 questions long and covers all different aspects of my Goodreads and general reading life.

Question One: What was the last book you marked as read?

War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. I read this on my Kindle over about five months and I seriously do not recommend it. Not worth it!

Question Two: What are you currently reading?

Questions of Travel by Michelle de Kretser is a beautiful Australian novel that won the Miles Franklin Award in 2013. I'm also reading the collection of essays What is Your Dangerous Idea? compiled by John Brockman.

Question Three: What was the last book you marked as to-read?

I actually don't use this function on the website a whole lot because the list is just far too long! I keep a physical list of books that I'm most interested in reading but I often just pick my next book on a whim when I finish one!

Question Four: What do you plan to read next?

I recently borrowed Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke from a friend so I'm hoping to  pick that up next.

Question Five: Do you use the star rating system?

I do use it but there's only so much you can tell from a generic five star rating. I like to use it give a general overview of how I felt about the book just to add another bit of information to my records.

Question Six: Do you have a wish list?

Like to-read lists, this would just be far too unmanageable.

Question Seven: What book do you want to buy next?

Yes Please! by Amy Poehler. I have only heard good things and it just looks fun!

Question Eight: Do you have any favourite quotes?

Absolutely. Unfortunately, I am horrible at remembering them.

Question Nine: Who are you favourite authors?

F Scott Fitzgerald, Ayn Rand, Arundhati Roy, Edgar Allan Poe, the list goes on.

Question Ten: Have you joined any groups?

I have but honestly, I'm thinking of leaving them. I am horribly inactive in them and the notifications can get seriously overwhelming.

Question Eleven: Are you doing a 2014 reading challenge?

I do one every year. This year I aimed for 70 books and I surpassed it!

Do you read or use Goodreads? Let me know and we could add each other.

xx Julia

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