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Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Every year January comes around and people begin their list of new year's resolutions. For the month of January I'll be sharing with you my top tips for tackling the most common resolutions that people hope to accomplish each year. Today we'll start with my favourite: getting organised. In this modern world, everyone seems to be looking for more time to get done all of our responsibilities. Getting organised is just the way to get on top of your to-do list and make sure you have time to relax, as well.

1. Get a diary

Actually being able to keep track of the time you have available makes it far easier to use your time efficiently. Whether it's a physical or electronic diary, they really are worth the time to fill them out.

2. Write everything down

Getting organised is a stressful process that is only ever exacerbated by forgetting things whether important or trivial. Not trusting your future self and being sure to write even silly notes down is an excellent way to prevent yourself from forgetting and adding further stress to your life.

3. Put you things away

There is nothing more disheartening than spending an entire Saturday cleaning your space to find that the very next Saturday it looks exactly the same. It's a difficult habit to instigate but putting away everything after you use it will save you time cleaning and searching for things buried in piles of miscellaneous goods.

4. Be consistent

Inconsistency is a sure way to sabotage any efforts to get organised. Maintaining repetition and consistency is using your diary, writing everything down, and keeping your things in their proper place. Keep in mind, this part of your resolution will take the most will power.

Do you have any tips for getting organised? Is this your resolution for the new year?

xx Julia

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