Carry On Essentials

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Summer is the season of travel when we all (hopefully) get some time to spend in a far off, relaxing place. The worst part of these holidays are the long plane rides and hours spent waiting in airports. This summer I'm taking a lot of plane rides so I've compiled my list of carry on essentials to make the journey almost as relaxing as the holiday itself.

The easiest way to pass the time while travelling is pretending you're simply not there with distractions. Start with some reading material like a good book or a magazine. The best part about a magazine is you can pick it up at the airport and then get rid of it on the other end. If reading isn't so much your thing, remember to bring your earphones to listen to your device or the provided listening on the plane. If you can't hear the child screaming three rows behind you, it'll be like it's not even there!

It's important to remember that travelling is exhausting and can take a serious tole on your body. Keeping yourself hydrated with water is a must to combat the long hours in recycled plane air. And don't forget your lips! I've recently been loving the Bite Lip Mask which is a super hydrating lip treatment. Then, when you need to freshen up, I carry a mini pack of face wipes to get that I've-been-travelling feeling off my skin.

Hopefully these essentials will ease the strain of the travelling this summer. Do you have anything to recommend that I haven't included?

xx Julia

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