Top Five Eye Brushes

Thursday, 11 December 2014

I don't talk about makeup tools nearly enough here. For the amount of emphasis we put on great makeup, it's really only half the battle to achieving a beautiful finish. If you can't apply it well, there's no use using fantastic products! To help you build up your artillery, I've compiled a list of my top five eye brushes for perfect eyeshadow application.

1. For packing colour onto the lid: a stiff, flat shader
I recommend: Furless ME5 Black Beauty Eyeshadow Brush

2. For applying colour to the crease: a small rounded blender
I recommend: Furless Bamboo Crease Brush

3. For blending: a round, fluffy blender
I recommend: Sigma E40 Tapered Blending; Bdellium Tools 785

4. For smudging and precision colour application: a stiff, small pencil brush
I recommend: Bdellium Tools 780

5. For multitasking: a flat, fluffy brush
I recommend: Furless Bronze Blending Brush

The thing to remember about brushes is their designed purpose doesn't dictate how you use them. Play around with what you've got and find the hidden potential behind the label.

xx Julia

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