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Sunday, 21 December 2014

Eyebrows are one of those things that people don't worry about until someone draws your attention to them. I was that person who wondered why anyone had time to fill in their brows until one day I did it and I've never looked back. Just in case you're still in the wondering, questioning stage, here are some tips for eyebrows that just might drag you onto the bandwagon.


Filling in or defining your eyebrows allows you to accentuate them. Before you start asking why you would want to do that, consider how a painting doesn't look complete without its frame: your face, especially with a full face of makeup, looks slightly incomplete without filling in your eyebrows. If you've ever seen those edits of celebrities without their eyebrows, you'll know how important those tufts of hair are for the framing and completion of our face, so by defining them, you add a finishing touch to the rest of your makeup.


For filling in your brows there are really three types of products: powders, pencils, and gels/creams. Powders look just like eyeshadows and even some eyeshadows make great brow powders. These products allow for a softer, more subtle brow appearance. Pencils then offer a more defined shape because you can create the appearance of individual hairs and more easily outline the shape of your brows. The most defined, sharpest brow shapes can be achieved with gels or creams which can be used to fill in but also outline and shape the entire appearance of your brows.

When choosing what types of brow product you want to use, keep in mind what you want the finished product to look like and how natural or precise you want your eyebrows to look. Also keep in mind your colour selection. Like matching foundation to your skin tone, you need to match your brow product to your brow colour. A rule of thumb is if you have dark hair, go a shade lighter, and if you have light hair, go a shade darker. Particularly pay close attention to whether your hair is warm or cool toned because using the wrong undertones in your brows can appear incredibly unnatural and noticeable.

For setting your brows in place, whether you've filled them in or not, you can use a brow gel. These come as clear or tinted and also sometimes contain fine hair for adding length or volume to your brows. These are quick and easy if you want to do your brows up a bit without going the full 9-yards.


Your application technique depends on what type of brow product you're using. For gels, creams, and powders, you'll need to use a brush to apply the product but the shape of this brush is up to your preference. Angled and flat cut brushes are most commonly used with fine tips to mimic the look of actual brow hairs.

For pencils, these can be applied directly from the pencil with light, short strokes to make the pencil marks blend evenly and naturally into your actual brow hairs.

Have you been converted?

xx Julia

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