Changing Your Mind

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

When you first try a product, it's pretty easy to decide whether you like it or not. And more often than not, if you don't like it, it gets put in a drawer and forgotten about forever. Unfortunately, I'm not made of money so it gets pretty disappointing when a product I've paid for doesn't work for me. Instead, I play around with it, try different techniques, uses, applications, and see if I can garner something out of this product. Sometimes, this process can even change my mind.

Many moons ago everyone was raving about Maybelline Gel Liner as a replacement for Bobbi Brown and MAC. I loved how black it was but could not stand how fiddly the whole process was with the brush and the re-drawing and then having to wash it after every use! I couldn't see myself using this product everyday until I discovered the Sigma E05 Eye Liner Brush. This makes gel application almost as easy as liquid so this liner has now worked its way into my everyday routine.

Even though it was less than $5, I was disappointed in my impulse purchase of the Essence Bloom Me Up! Duo Eye Pencil. I found it too waxy and hard to blend until I threw the towel in and started using my finger. Now it provides a lovely pink highlight to my brow bone over any shadow look.

Who doesn't love a good highlighting concealer? I was in the market for a new one and decided to get the much raved about Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer. I was a tad concerned with the shade range and was proved right when I saw how yellow and dark it was under my eyes! It took a few weeks of perseverance and adjustments in how much I applied before this concealer proved its worth to me but now I can definitely see why people love how well the yellow base corrects darkness.

I am almost always cycling through a new hair product on the search for something to give my curls the moisture and de-frizz they need. Initially, I found the Organix Kukui Oil Frizz Defying Curl Cream to be an empty promise. As soon as I cut my hair though, it's worked great! I do have to use a lot but it keeps my curls defined and de-frizzed without any of the crunchiness. If this came in a bigger bottle, I'd be even happier.

Have you ever changed your mind on a product? Was it for the better or worse?

xx Julia

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