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Thursday, 6 November 2014

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I budget my beauty purchases. After writing that post and two months in a row of heavy duty beauty buying, I have to be honest with myself and recognise that my spending has gotten a bit out of control. So, I'm here setting myself a Project Pan challenge to get a handle of my collection and re-evaluate my buying.

I'm sure many of you have heard about Project Pans in the past. They're essentially a type of buying ban where you say, "I won't buy any more beauty items until I have used up (or hit pan on) X amount of products." I believe this originally started as a standard 10 pan challenge but to really get myself under control, I've set a 20 pan challenge for myself. This means that I won't buy any more beauty products until I have used up 20 products already in my collection.

There are some rules, of course. If I completely run out of something like mascara or shampoo, then I'll allow myself to purchase a replacement. I will also have a few select products that I'll focus my attention on, like products I've had for a long time or don't particularly get along with, but all used up products will count towards my Project Pan.

I'm doing this mostly because I feel like I'm falling into the hype of products too much and feeling like I constantly need to purchase the next best thing. I don't want to become someone who has a makeup collection full of things I will never use or finish because, to me, that seems wasteful and not in keeping with why I started collecting makeup.

This post is serving to keep myself accountable by making it public that I'm going on a buying ban. I can't make excuses for myself if everyone knows! But also as a form of encouragement to anyone else out there that find the online beauty community overwhelming and enabling overspending that you're becoming unhappy with. We can do this together! If the Project Pan doesn't suit your style then play around with the format and create a system that works for you. I tend to go on month long bans throughout the year and they also do well to keep me in check.

Probably the most difficult part about this Project Pan is that I'm undertaking it during the lead-up to Christmas! I know there are going to be plenty of great deals that I'll want to get my hands on and it'll be quite difficult stopping myself. But if I am super good and stick to my rules, I hope to finish my Project Pan by Boxing Day to take advantage of some great sales!

Have you ever undergone a buying ban? What was your experience?

xx Julia

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