the Basics | Contouring

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Since the rise of Kim K, everyone has been searching for the way to achieve a perfectly contoured look. Chiseled cheekbones and jaw line with an all over ethereal glow, it's one of the most sort after looks of the moment. But if you've never tried it before, here are some of the basics of how to contour.

November Favourites

Thursday, 27 November 2014

After a bit of a Negative Nancy post on Tuesday it's nice to regain some positivity with my November favourites. This month is exam month for me at university so I haven't been mixing it up too much beauty wise. But I have compiled some beauty and non-beauty products that I've been using a lot of this past month that I want to share with you.

Disappointing Products

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

No one really likes making these kinds of posts but when you have a bad experience with a product, it can be valuable to share that. The usual disclaimer applies, though: this is just the experience I had with these products and that should in no way reflect on your experience. Take everything you read with a grain of salt and remember I'm not trying to bash, just trying to share.

the Basics | Foundation

Sunday, 23 November 2014

When you're just starting out with beauty or dipping your toe into the online beauty community, the amount of products and information can seem overwhelming. It's difficult to find just the basics of what terms mean and how to use different products. I've been there, I completely understand. So, here I am bringing you the simplest explanations of the very basics in a new series. Every Sunday I'll tackle a different makeup field but please feel free to request something you're trying to figure out. This week, we're starting at the bottom: foundations.

November Empties

Thursday, 20 November 2014

I haven't left nearly the same amount of time since my last empties as I did before so I don't have a mountain to show you this time around. I have used up a bit though so I'll show you what I have got and what I thought of each of the empty products.

Face of the Day | A look fit for the screen

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

I am not a makeup artist. I am not studying it and I have no intention to pursue a career in makeup artistry. I adore makeup and talk about it all the time but I almost exclusively apply it to myself. When I get an opportunity to pretend for a bit, though, I really enjoy it and yesterday my really good friend, Julia, asked me to do her makeup for a screen test (wish her luck!) so I was more than happy to oblige. I thought I'd walk you through what products I used and how I achieved this look!

Trending | 90s Nude Lip

Sunday, 16 November 2014

I know that I am well behind on this 90s nude lip trend but as it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon, I thought I would bring you my top picks for that brown-pink combo with a bit of a summer twist. They're all drugstore (and all Revlon!) so they're easily available and won't break the bank!

Review | Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Total Nourishing Care Shampoo & Conditioner

Thursday, 13 November 2014

I'm someone who works their way through hair products like you wouldn't imagine. I have dry, super curly hair and an itchy dry scalp that I can never seem to get away from so I'm constantly on the search for something to give me the healthy hair and scalp that I crave. I recently saw this duo in the supermarket and, for the price, I thought it was worth a go. After using the products for a few weeks, here are my thoughts.

First Impressions | Origins Drink Up Intensive

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

After running out of all my skincare all at once, I decided to pick up some products I hadn't tried before to see how they would work with my skin. A product I've heard a lot about in the beauty community is the Origins Drink Up Intensive mask and, after giving it a sniff, I decided to bring it home with me. With the success of the Drink Up 10 minute mask, Origins released this overnight treatment for a more intense punch of hydration. After giving it a few tries, I thought I'd share with you how it's been working for my skin.

Current Lip Combo Love

Sunday, 9 November 2014

I think we all love mixing and matching our lip products to find the perfect layering combination. I've been on the hunt recently for something to keep me feeling fresh and fierce throughout the springtime and I think I've finally got it.

Project Pan

Thursday, 6 November 2014

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about how I budget my beauty purchases. After writing that post and two months in a row of heavy duty beauty buying, I have to be honest with myself and recognise that my spending has gotten a bit out of control. So, I'm here setting myself a Project Pan challenge to get a handle of my collection and re-evaluate my buying.

A New Frontier

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

We did it! I challenged myself to blog every day in October in an attempt to boost my motivation and creativity after becoming dissatisfied with my blog's quality and it happened! I want to thank everyone who has been keeping up with my posts and those that have found me throughout the last month, I hope you stick around! Now, heading into the future, I have some plans and wanted to start the discussion with you because my blog is a place for you and me to share.