Tips for Using Up Samples

Friday, 10 October 2014

If you're an avid beauty lover, then you probably have a draw packed with all sorts of samples and you've probably forgotten where you got half of them. It's always tricky remembering to use them up when most of them only contain one or two uses. They can accumulate, though, and you never know when you're holding on to a product sample that you could fall in love with instantly. Today I have a few tips that I keep in mind to help me wade through samples and make sure I use them up in good time.

1. Get them out into the open

If you've got something hidden away in a drawer or cupboard, you're never going to remember to pull them out and use them. Keep your samples in a container on the counter or near your everyday makeup to make sure they catch your eye when you're going through your routine. Better yet, I keep my skincare samples in my drawer with my everyday products so I encourage myself to incorporate them into my routine with much less effort on my part.

2. Keep them organised

When you're looking for a moisturiser sample, you don't want to sift through perfume and primer. Keeping your samples organised into makeup, skincare, or haircare and even into types makes them much easier to browse and eliminates the obstacle that being unable to find what you're looking for can be. This can also make the pile seem much less daunting and more inviting.

3. Only keep what you're going to use

It's very easy to lose track of sample accumulation and, before you know it, you have far more than you ever bargained for. For products that contain more than one use, they can be hanging around your collection for a while. Even if you decide you don't like a sample with one use, sometimes you can feel obliged to finish it because you probably got it for free and it looks so easy to finish when it's miniature! But imagine how much fun your friend or Mum is going to have with a cute little sample they like far more than you.

4. Reward yourself

We all know the sense of accomplishment you feel when finishing a full-sized product: you spent so much time with it and now you've finally finished it! I'm someone who likes giving myself a real reward for sticking with something to the end and not constantly jumping between new things in the form of 'spending money': for every product I use up, I assign myself an amount that I can now spend as reward. In order to further encourage myself to use up more samples I grant myself an equivalent amount to spend. If you don't use that spending system, try and come up with another way to reward yourself for even your little accomplishments.

How do you keep motivated to use all your samples?

xx Julia

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