New Challenges Abound

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Things are changing here on Miss Julziez! Over the last few weeks I've been a tad dissatisfied with the content I've been creating and the way the blog in general has been heading. I think now is the time to change things up a bit as I've been writing Miss Julziez for nearly two years. There are many blogs out there that I'm an avid reader of because they push the boundaries of the medium and are so creative with their posts. I want to create a fun, exciting environment where my readers can enjoy my content as much as I enjoy that of those I admire. 

To start off, we've got a whole new layout! I hope you like how it looks and feel free to leave your comments! It was designed by Ashley from DinosaurStew and I definitely recommend checking her out for your graphic design needs.

On a less shallow note, I'm also striving to shake up my content and create more interesting and informative posts for my readers. To start things off with a bang, I've decided to challenge myself to post everyday in the month of October. I've been wracking my brain for post ideas for a few weeks and I can say I've got heaps of cool stuff lined up that, I for one, am very excited for.

It doesn't stop there, though: I also need your help. To continue producing content that keeps you interested and excited, please share your beauty questions and suggestions with me as often as they come to you. The most appealing part of running a beauty blog is being able to connect with other beauty lovers and share all sorts of tips and tricks.

Things are moving forward for Miss Julziez and I hope you are as excited as I am to see what the future brings with these new changes and challenges.

xx Julia

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