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Monday, 13 October 2014

I recently read an article from Hayley of London Beauty Queen about her experience with magazines and it got me thinking about the place of glossies in this ever more digital age. What exactly is the appeal of magazines and have they been replaced by the growing blogging community?

I've never been one to purchase magazines and have had very few, infrequent subscriptions in my lifetime but there is still a nice thrill picking up a shiny new magazine. There's something about the shiny pages and the beautiful photographs (not to mention beautiful celebrities) that makes it feel like an occasion to flip through one. Particularly while growing up, the articles seemed to come from a place of authority, from people who knew what they were talking about when they recommended a brand, technique, or product. When you want to be on top of everything new and exciting, this really appealed to me and kept my eyes wandering down the magazine aisle every time we went to the supermarket.

Nowadays, though, I've got a lot more experience of my own in fashion and beauty and I have a better understanding of what I'm looking for with my own personal style. I'm also part of this growing blogging community where I can connect directly with people who have the same interests or experience as me and share ideas or tips that way. There's a sense of connection when you read a blog post probably written by someone in their home during their free time which gets lost when it's printed on high gloss in a magazine.

Sometimes it can even seem that a magazine's articles are a step behind when every blogger you follow reviewed a product a week before the magazine did or they advertise something you've only heard negatives about since its release. Is there a place, then, for the voice of a magazine editor when we can read the same articles written by everyday women like ourselves for free on a constantly updating platform?

Perhaps we're moving towards a blurring of boundaries where magazines move to online platforms and more and more bloggers are featured in mainstream print. As long as the honest opinions of women I can trust are being honoured, I don't see a problem with either system.

What's your opinion? Are magazines becoming obsolete or do you still treasure the glossy page?

xx Julia

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