Best Everyday Drugstore Eyeshadow Quads

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

I've tried and tested many a drugstore eyeshadow quad in my day and, to be honest, have been thoroughly disappointed by most. I'm sure that's true of most bargain beauty lovers so I thought I'd round up some standouts of the best everyday drugstore quads that I've tried.

Maybelline Big Eyes Eyeshadow Quad in Luminous Brown -

This is the newest edition quad to my collection and is by far my favourite. Released in the last few months, I was thoroughly surprised swatching this in store by the pigmentation of the shadows. You can actually see the colour! This is also a really nice collection of neutrals with an orange to add a pop of colour, particularly appropriate in the cooler autumn and winter. Perhaps the only let down is these shades are all shimmer shades, so if you're someone who loves a matte crease, you'll need to find an accompanying shadow for this quad.

Covergirl Eye Enhancers Quad in Country Woods -

The sheerest of the three, this is your stock standard eyeshadow quad. A collection of sheer, natural, neutral shades that just add a bit of dimension to the lid. If you don't like a heavy eye or a lot of pigmentation in the day to day, then this is one to look to. I would love a bit more distinction between the shades and they're all shimmer/satin finishes but the ivory is one of my favourite inner corner highlights, so you win some, you lose some.

Revlon ColorStay 16 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in Delightful -

This line of eyeshadow quads seems to be a standard in everyone's beauty collections, we all have at least one! They come in a wonderful away of colour combinations that all work quite well together to make a complete eye look in one quad. I have the shade Delightful which includes a matte ivory highlight, shimmery pink lid shade, very glittery gold/yellow, and a glittery dark brown. Unfortunately the glitter in this palette makes itself into a real pain so I hardly touch the gold shade but with the pink across the lid and the brown in the crease, you have a really simple everyday eye. You can probably tell it's a staple because I've made such divots in both pans! Generally speaking, these quads are the most hit and miss but the colours go so well together that it's almost worth the risk.

What brands do you look to for eyeshadow at the drugstore?

xx Julia

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