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Friday, 13 June 2014

Recently, I've been on a real skincare kick and have been looking to invest in some products to help me combat how awfully dry my skin has been. I recently received some products from Aesop and they got me interested in trying some more. Finding out they were a Melbourne-based company sealed the deal! After scouring their website for a few weeks, these are the products I decided to pick up.

Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser

This is described as, "Water-soluble, non-foaming cream cleanser enhanced with White Clay for normal to dry skin and ideal for frequent travellers. Gently and effortlessly removes makeup and impurities."

Knowing that my skin prefers cream cleansers, it wasn't hard to choose this one over Aesop's other gel products. The Purifying Facial Cream Cleanser contains lavender stem, white clay, and chamomile bud. You can absolutely smell the lavender and chamomile when using this!

Purifying Facial Exfoliant Paste

Aesop describes it as, "A mild and refined cleansing exfoliant paste to remove impurities and refresh the skin. Suits most skin types." It contains fine quartz, rosemary leaf, and lactic acid.

I like using this just to freshen my skin up a bit and take a moment to relax (usually on a Monday night). At first I was a little concerned about rubbing quartz on my skin but the particles are very fine and don't feel like they're scratching or irritating my skin at all.

Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream

Probably the hardest decision for my skin was the moisturisers. I didn't want one too heavy to use during the day or too light that it wouldn't provide the needed moisture. I decided on this one when the woman at the counter said it gave a dewier finish to the skin than the other moisturisers.

It's described as, "Daily moisturising cream for normal to dry or stressed skin. Use this vitamin-rich, readily absorbed cream for immediate and significant hydration after cleansing." It contains sage leaf, rosemary leaf, and lavender stem.

It is quite a thick moisturiser but it absorbs into the skin very quickly and leaves the loveliest dewy, soft finish that makes my skin feel hydrated and healthy. I am thoroughly impressed with this moisturiser and can't wait to keep using it and seeing the effect is has on my skin.

I'm really enjoying these products so far and am excited to try some more from Aesop as I learn more about higher-end skincare. One thing I'll say is they all have a very strong herbal scent depending on the ingredients that lingers on the skin. I've heard that some people find that off-putting but I think it's very relaxing, especially when getting unwinding at the end of the day. Perhaps just give the products a smell first before you purchase to make sure it's not something that'll worry you.

xx Julia

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