Review: Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Pressed Powder

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

I don't know about you, but I am always on the look out for a great new foundation and if I can get it from Priceline, even better! So, when I heard all the buzz from the Americans about Revlon's new range of foundation and powder, I was interested! I picked up the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Pressed Powder mainly because of the claim of how natural they look on the skin. With my fair and dry complexion, I appreciate a natural finish to my makeup.

Starting off, though, I was terribly disappointed that Revlon had released another foundation without a pump. It honestly doesn't make any sense! So much so that I put off buying it because I couldn't be bothered trying to pour out the right amount of product on the back of my hand every time I went to use it! These makeup companies need to pull themselves together if they think pump-less products are what the consumers want.

But otherwise, my first impressions of the foundation were that it was quite thin and runny, which was unexpected, but it was a great colour match for my skin. I purchased the shade 110 Ivory, which is the lightest of the shades offered. I was quite impressed just generally in the range of colours available with about 12 different ones at the Priceline I visited. They also had a nice mix of warm and cool tones, so I'm sure that most people would actually be able to find a close colour match in this foundation.

Upon application I was still pleased. This product blends really nicely into the skin and provides an even coverage. It is a light coverage, though. If you're looking for anything heavy duty to cover a lot of discolouration or something like that, then this is not the foundation for you.

However, strangely, after the first application, the Nearly Naked foundation has a sticky feeling on the skin, which makes applying a second layer or powder immediately quite difficult. This disappears once the product has set and dried. It has one of the most natural finishes that I've ever seen. It may border on dewy for oilier skin types but on my dry skin, this foundation had a nice, natural glow.

The Nearly Naked foundation also has a pretty good wear time in that it lasts on my skin without a primer for a good 6 hours. If you're doing a lot of physical activity then it probably won't last as long but for a day at uni or work, this foundation will be fine.

Now, as far as the pressed powder goes, I absolutely love it. I purchased the shade 010 Fair, which is the lightest in the range, as well. It is so beautifully and finely milled that it looks wonderfully natural on the skin and doesn't look cake-y or overdone. Over top the Nearly Naked foundation, it matte-ifies while also added the slightest bit more coverage. Out of the two products, I prefer the powder in that I can use it with multiple other foundations and it works just as well.

If you're interested in seeing how these two Revlon Nearly Naked products perform on the skin, I have filmed a demonstration and review of them both on my youtube channel.

Have you tried any of the new Revlon Nearly Naked products? What are your thoughts?

xx Julia

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