Review: Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer in 210 Light

Sunday, 2 June 2013

I'd heard pretty good things about this new concealer when it was released earlier this year and since I was looking for a new concealer, I got this one! Plus I was really interested in the concept of mixing the concealer with moisturiser to keep it from drying out your under-eye area.

On initial application, I was surprised by the feel of the product. It's a very thin cream and quite soft, too, which doesn't feel cake-y or thick when applying it to your skin. Especially, the thin skin underneath the eye.

Even with its thin consistency, this product has absolutely fantastic coverage! An easy few dabs over discolouration and it's gone! Not only that, but this is the first concealer I've found in a very long time that covers both dark circles under eyes and redness or blemishes on other parts of the face. It's an all over concealer! As soon as I used it, it shot right to the top of my current favourite products. I really don't know what I'd been doing before this concealer came into my life!

In addition to that, it's super easy to blend which is good seeing as there is a very limited shade range of only two available in Australia at the moment! I'm hoping with time Covergirl and Olay will work that one out a little bit better.

I really just adore this product and I truly can't recommend it enough! If you want to try it, it'll set you back about AUD$17.95.

xx Julia

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