111 Youtube Subscriber Giveaway!

Friday, 28 June 2013

Recently, I passed 111 subscribers on my Youtube channel and to celebrate I'm hosting a giveaway!
I'm running it through a site called Rafflecopter which makes it super easy for me to keep the giveaway fair and random.

Giveaway Information |
1. You MUST be a subscriber to my Youtube channel in order to enter the giveaway!
2. The giveaway is international; I will ship the prize anywhere!
3. You must be 18 years or older or have your parents' permission to enter because I will need your address to send you the prize
4. You can get extra entries by following me on various social media sites but they are not mandatory
5. There is one prize of (1) Maybelline Color Whisper in 95 Mad for Magenta AND (1) Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 101 Celestial
6. The giveaway is open for two weeks from June 29, 2013 to July 13, 2013; I will announce and contact the winner on July 14

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you so much to everyone who subscribes to me across the internet; I really appreciate your support.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me through any of my social media platforms!

Good luck!
xx Julia

Review: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in 637 Blushing Nude

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

I purchased this lipstick in the fantastic Priceline 40% off sales a few months ago and have been using it quite a bit since then! It's quite a classic colour that I don't generally reach for but after swatching in store, I picked it up!

Blushing Nude is a deep, pink nude colour which adds a nice touch of natural colour. I like wearing this with a more colourful eye or on the days I'm not wearing a whole lot of makeup. I just love the hint of pinky-ness it adds to my lips. Generally speaking, it's a very wearable colour and would suit a range of skin tones and complexions.

This formulation is a creme though you should be aware that there is definitely glitter in this lipstick. It's not overly noticeable on the lips and just adds a nice shimmer without a gloss. It applies smoothly, easily and doesn't feel drying or uncomfortable throughout the wear. You will need to reapply after eating or drinking but this lipstick doesn't have a particularly short wear time, in my opinion.

The packing is really handy for your average drugstore product. It's sleek and looks quite classic with the black and gold. My favourite part, though, is the little window at the top of the cap so that you can see the lipstick in the tube. This is helpful if you're picking a colour at the store because you can see what it really looks like but it also makes it easy to pick the colour you want when deciding from your at home collection.

I have a few of the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks and I quite like them as a good choice for drugstore lipsticks. They come in a wide range of colours from naturals to brights with a number of different finishes, as well.

If you're interested in the line then you can pick one up for about AUD$21.95 wherever Revlon products are sold.

xx Julia

Review: MAC Powder Blush in Ripe for Love

Friday, 21 June 2013

I saw this gorgeous blush in Allison's (amarixe) makeup haul video recently and I just had to buy it! I actually immediately ran out to the nearest MAC to get my hands on it.

Ripe for Love is part of the MAC Summer Collection Temperature Rising which focuses on bronzes and deep pinks and purples for the warmer [northern hemisphere] months. Even though we're in winter now, I think this colour could suit any season.

It's a very pink coral [or a very coral pink] which looks like a gorgeous flush on the cheeks. It's not too coral or too pink so you really can wear it year-round, in my opinion. It's actually exactly the type of colour I like to wear on the cheeks because it's natural but definitely noticeable. I really, really adore it, if you can't tell!

The finish is satin which creates a lovely, natural sheen on the cheeks. It's also one of the most universal finish as it sits well on all skin types.

Also, let's just talk about the packaging for a second. The whole collection is cased in a metallic bronze packaging that reflects the themes of Temperature Rising. Unlike the usual MAC packaging, even for collections, these ones are slightly rubberised, similar to NARS. I quite like it because it gives a nice feel but it gets dirty very quickly! I suppose if you're a bit neater than me with your makeup application then it wouldn't be a problem for you, though!

I'm just really obsessed with this product at the moment and thanking my lucky stars that I bit the bullet and bought it!

The Temperature Rising Collection is still at MAC stores and counters if you want to have a look yourself. They're also online. If you're interested in Ripe for Love, it'll set you back about AUD$43.

xx Julia

Review: MAC Lipstick in Russian Red

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Everyone has to have a classic red lipstick in their drawer to pull out when you're feeling particularly fierce! This is my shade of choice for that little extra kick in my makeup routine.

MAC Russian Red is a deep, blue-toned red with a matte finish. I generally recommend blue-toned reds for the dark-haired, dark-eyed while orange-toned are a bit better for the fairer. But it's always best to try it if you can and find out if that shade really does suit your complexion.

Matte, especially MAC, can be quite drying on most lip types so if you're prone to drying and need more moisture in your lip products, then you probably won't like this one. I love it, though, because while it can be a bit uncomfortable, it lasts for ages! I can really make this lipstick last for hours in between meals and drinking.

Honestly, a red lip goes with absolutely everything! A natural, champagne, dark, smokey or colourful eye, they all look great! I have a particular preference, however, for a natural, taupe eye with great black eyeliner and a solid sweep of colour across the lips. Perfect!

Have you tried any other red lipsticks? Are you a blue-toned or orange-toned? Do you like it bright or deep? What's your favourite red lip look? Let me know!

xx Julia

Nails of the Week: OPI The World is Not Enough

Monday, 10 June 2013

I think everyone heard about the 007 Collection that OPI came out with last year with a great range of polishes to represent the James Bond legacy. This week I'm wearing one of the shades from this collection: The World is Not Enough.

I was quite intrigued by this colour when I first picked it up. It reminded me of OPI Lucerne-tainly Look Marvellous as a black/dark silver based micro-glitter. But this one's a little bit different; the micro-glitter is duochrome with flecks of silver, pink and green that become really visible in the light. It's just a super cool colour combination that you don't see a whole lot of amongst other polish brands.

Overall use is as expected with OPI: excellent! They're my all time favourite brand and they've yet to prove me wrong! Chipping is so minimal, it's not worth mentioning, really. But I will say that I was a bit surprised by how sheer this polish is. You can see that it's not the most opaque on my nails with two proper coats. But you could look at that as a positive! This polish looks really good over another colour which adds great versatility when using it.

I'm quite happy to add this odd little polish to my collection and I'm sure to be rocking it  frequently in the coming winter months!

If you want to hear a bit more about this polish, it made an appearance in my Top 5 Winter Nail Polishes video if you want to have a look!

xx Julia

Review: Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Lush's Fresh Face Masks are one of my favourite products from the brand. They've got one for every skin type or condition whether you're dry, oily, combination, mature or dull. They're also made out of fresh, natural ingredients that I'm not afraid to smear all over my face! Because of these fantastic ingredients, Fresh Face Masks need to be kept refrigerated and should be used within three weeks of purchase for the best results. I will say, though, that the product will remain good for about 3 months if you want to really get your money's worth.

This Brazened Honey mask is the second type of mask that I've used from Lush. It's main ingredients are lime juice, sage, rosemary, juniperberry, eggs, honey and almonds [and a whole bunch of other stuff; check here for a complete list]. Combined, this mask gives off a nice herb-y scent which is nice and calming when you use it. Lush describes it as, "A powerhouse of effective ingredients for all tired skins. Refreshing herbs and fruit juice are blended with warming Ayurvedic herbs and spices. With almonds to polish and moisturising honey, this blend leaves the skin vibrant and reinvigorated." 

Out of all of the Fresh Face Masks, Brazened Honey is known as the exfoliating one with bits of almond to scrub away the dry skin, leaving smoothness behind. This is exactly why I picked this one out as we slowly enter winter here in Sydney. My skin gets quite dry and rough in the cold air and I thought Brazened Honey would be a nice way of combating that.

On first use I immediately noticed how much easier this one was to apply compared to the BB Seaweed mask that I've used before. This one has a lot of very tiny, gritty bits unlike the large chunks of BB Seaweed. This also made it easy to rub into the skin and spread evenly to get the best exfoliating results. Because of this, after the 10 minute wait, it was also mostly dry across my face which feels pretty silly!

Probably my least favourite thing about the Fresh Face Masks is how hard they are to wash off. They're all very thick and creamy which means the washcloth tends to smear them rather than wash them away. But after a bit of elbow grease, I was very pleased with the results!

Brazened Honey left my skin noticeably smooth and fresh feeling which lasted into the next few days as well. With regular use you could expect significantly smoother, fresher skin.

At the moment, I want to try a few different kinds of these Fresh Face Masks but I will probably repurchase this one in the future because I thoroughly enjoyed using it!

If you want to try a Lush Fresh Face Mask, you can buy them from any Lush store for around AUD$16.95.

I also wanted to let you guys know about a deal I only just heard about! Just like Back-to-MAC, if you return 5 empty, full-sized Lush containers to any Lush store, you'll receive a Fresh Face Mask of your choice for free! For those Lush-lovers out there, that's a pretty good deal!

xx Julia

Review: Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer in 210 Light

Sunday, 2 June 2013

I'd heard pretty good things about this new concealer when it was released earlier this year and since I was looking for a new concealer, I got this one! Plus I was really interested in the concept of mixing the concealer with moisturiser to keep it from drying out your under-eye area.

On initial application, I was surprised by the feel of the product. It's a very thin cream and quite soft, too, which doesn't feel cake-y or thick when applying it to your skin. Especially, the thin skin underneath the eye.

Even with its thin consistency, this product has absolutely fantastic coverage! An easy few dabs over discolouration and it's gone! Not only that, but this is the first concealer I've found in a very long time that covers both dark circles under eyes and redness or blemishes on other parts of the face. It's an all over concealer! As soon as I used it, it shot right to the top of my current favourite products. I really don't know what I'd been doing before this concealer came into my life!

In addition to that, it's super easy to blend which is good seeing as there is a very limited shade range of only two available in Australia at the moment! I'm hoping with time Covergirl and Olay will work that one out a little bit better.

I really just adore this product and I truly can't recommend it enough! If you want to try it, it'll set you back about AUD$17.95.

xx Julia