Review: Maybelline Color Sensational Vivids Lipstick in 904 Vivid Rose

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

The Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick range has been available here in Australia for quite a while now but fairly recently the brand has released the new Vivids Collection. I was very attracted to this collection as soon as I saw beauty bloggers from America posting their swatches and reviews. As soon as I could, I was in Priceline trying to pick the best for myself.

Ultimately, I came away with 904 Vivid Rose, which, as you can imagine, is a very bright rose red-pink. I've never owned or even really tried a lipstick of this level on the brightness scale because it truly is very bold and it takes a bit of guts to leave the house like that!

The wear is decent; Three hours, maybe four, with touch-ups after eating and drinking. The formulation also isn't terribly drying but you'd probably want to moisturize your lips quite well before applying this lipstick. A gloss would also really help with keeping your lips soft throughout the wear.

I also quite like the super bright packaging with the neon pink-orange cap. It just adds a bit of flare and fun to your makeup or night-out bag!

So far, I am a huge fan! Even as we approach winter I really think you could rock this shade all year round! [Though, perhaps limit yourself to nighttime wear; we don't want to be scaring nobody!]

In my opinion, the colour selection is pretty good with eight shades ranging from plums to reds to pinks to corals and oranges. All of them are super bright and very fun, indeed!

If you're interested in getting your hands on Vivid Rose or any of the colours from the Vivids Collection, you can find them at your local Priceline or anywhere Maybelline products are sold with prices ranging from AUD$14.95 - $16.95.

Also, if you want to see a real-life application and view of this product on my very own lips, 904 Vivid Rose features in my most recent Get Ready With Me video. So, feel free to have a watch of that!

xx Julia

Nails of the Week: OPI Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

When it comes to nail polish, I really am a huge fan of nudes but it's always fun to mix up the classic neutrals with something a little bit different.

Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! is a super shiny, pearlescent, golden champagne which looks absolutely gorgeous on the nails. It's almost like wearing silk on your fingertips, it catches the light so beautifully.

It is quite a sheer formulation so I used two coats to achieve my desired opaque-ness. I also have a slight warning that because this polish is so shiny, the brush strokes are quite easy to pick up when you examine the finish. If that's something that would bother you then I don't recommend this polish.

I think Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! is a gorgeous take on a classic nude-champagne.

xx Julia

PS - Just a question for you avid nail-painters: recently I've found that when I paint my nails, a number of my fingers develop little air bubbles underneath the paint that really spoil the finish. Does anyone know what's causing it and/or how I could prevent it because it's really starting to bum me out! Thanks so much

Review: MAC Pro Longwear Blush in Baby Don't Go

Sunday, 10 February 2013

I purchased this blush a number of months ago and it still remains the only MAC blush that I own but I must say, it's become a sort of essential in my makeup collection.

The product itself is rosy-nude colour with almost completely unnoticeable glitter bordering on matte. It's finely milled and perfectly pigmented which protects one from applying far too much!

I love this blush when I'm looking for a softer, more natural or neutral cheek to complement a bold eye or lip. I find myself reaching for this quite often and I just love the way it looks on my pale skin. Plus it lasts for ages [Hence "Longwear", I suppose!].

I must say I'm also quite a fan of the packaging. The product and colour are easy to see, nothing is bulky or fragile and the compactness carries the 6 grams of product perfectly. MAC is renowned for their sleek and sophisticated design and this is just further proof that it's true!

All in all, I love this blush and highly recommend it as the classic nude in your collection.

xx Julia